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Parsebin – A Powershell Pastebin Parser

By now, most folks have realized that pastebin holds some interesting data. Some of the information you run across can be interesting – if not hilarious. That is, as long is it’s not *your* data.

In 2011, Xavier Garcia put together a python pastebin scraper.

For no real reason I decided to hack together rewrite this in powershell. If this helps you, cool.

Description of required files:

  • ./seen.txt : a list of pasties scraped already. This is created by the script
  • ./regex.txt : the regex expressions used to look for juicy information. This is created by you
  • ./found/ : this is actually a folder you’ll need to create. This is to hold the auto-downloaded pastes found. I’ve commented this out. Use at your own risk!

Script (parsebin.ps1) : I’ve linked to it here. Rename it to .ps1 of course.